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Emanuela Tamburini

Azienda Agricola Tamburini is located in Gambassi Terme, on the site of an ancient monastery , in the Chianti region of Tuscany. The vineyards, 50 hectares, encompass vineyards, olive groves and forestland. A satellite winery has been established in Montalcino where Emanuela produces her Brunello di Montalcino. In Gambassi Terme Emanuela produces Tuscan white wine as well as Tuscan red wines from the signature grape of Tuscany, Sangiovese.


  • 2013 Somnio Brunello di Montalcino DOCG

Tenuta Pietramora

Tenuta Pietramora, establish in 1999, is situated at 300m above sea level in Maremma Toscana, on 53 hectares of land. Sangiovese, Merlot and Vermentino was planted on 14 hectares of the estate. The proximity to the ocean and the cool breeze that passes over the vineyard is ideal for producing wines with great minerality and acidity.
The galestro type soil found on the estate, has an average limestone composition, scarce in organic substances and poor in clay, is particularly suited to the cultivation of Sangiovese. TenutaPietramora implements organic vineyard practices.
In Gaia’s words: “I am Gaia, the winemaker and custodian of this land and the vines that grow here. The wines must be clean, elegant, not only well made, but the wines must be a true expression of the land – this is my story, this is me”.


  • 2018 Vermentino Toscana IGT
  • 2017 Brumaio Morellino di Scansano DOCG
  • 2017 Brumaio Morellino di Scansano DOCG Magnum

Filippo Grasso

Filippo Grasso….a family that lives and works on Mount Etna: this is the way they like to describe themselves
The vineyard, located at 650m above sea level, is 6 hectares in size, nestled between the Etna volcano and the Nebrodi mountains, in the wonderful ContradaCalderara, on the north side of Mount Etna.The soils are made of mostly volcanic rock which gives the wines a unique minerality and acidity.
Filippo Grasso produces only indigenous grapes: NerelloMascalese and NerelloMantellato for rose and red wine and Carricante, Catarratto and Minnella Bianca for white wine.
Our goal is to allow you to live the “Etna volcano experience” in each sip.


  • 2018 Ripiddu Etna Rosato DOC
  • 2017 Ripiddu Etna Rosso DOC

La Torre di Castel Rocchero

Located in the heart of Monferrato, a UNESCO World Heritage site, lies La Torre di Castel Rocchero. It was established in 1953, by a group of 57 townspeople, who invested their own money, and used their skills at cultivating the land to create a legacy.
In these vineyards of southern Piedmonte, wine is what marks the territory and Le Torre provides wines that are typical of the excellence of this region.
Producing wines like Moscato d’Asti, Barberad’Asti, and Brachettod’Acqui,Le Torre’s legacy states, “Here is the wine of this land.”


  • 2018 Moscato d’Asti DOCG – 6 pack
  • 2019 Brachettod’Acqui DOCG – 6 pack

Frattoria di Montemaggio

Frattoria di Montemaggio is in the commune of Radda in Chianti in the heart of the Chianti Classico region. The name Montemaggio is derived from “monte maggiore” (big mountain), where the winery is situated at 500-600 metres above sea level. On the estate, 22 acres of land are under vine, with most of the vineyard sites facing south west. The soils are a combination of galestro (schist and decomposed granite) and alberese(marl), ideal for the cultivation of Sangiovese grapes.
Montemaggio follows the principles of organic farming, producing high quality hand made wines, using traditional methods with a modern twist. Montemaggio believes in extended bottle aging prior to release of their wines for sale so that the full potential of the wine can be experienced in every glass.


  • 2014 Gallo Nero Chianti Classico DOCG – 6 pack
  • 2013 Gallo Nero Chianti ClassicoRiserva DOCG – 6 pack

Cantina Olivero

Raphaella and Laura have a passion for winemaking, following in the tradition of their ancestors, who have been working the land and making wine since the late 19th century. They are proud to carry on the family tradition at Cantina Olivero. The result of their devotion to the land is a limited production of fine handmade, hand harvested wines, that are true to the region.
The vineyards are located in the prestigious hills of Langhe, among Diano and Serralungad’Alba, and have born esteemed wines as Barolo, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, and Barbera.
The philosophy of the vineyard is based on a Latin proverb: “in vinum veritas” (In wine there is truth). When drinking a glass of wine from Olivero you can find much more because every wine tells a story. More simply, our story.


  • 2015 Barolo DOCG – 6 pack

Angelo D’UvaVignaiuolo in Larino

Located in Larino, Molise, this vineyard’s history is the story of a family; three generations of winegrowers and farmers, sharing the same dream and a commitment to produce exceptional grapes and wines. Grandfather Angelo planted the first vineyard in the 1940s. With perseverance and dedication of his son, the winery flourished.  His grandson, Angelo combined the rural experience with the most updated winemaking technologies to produce DOP and IGT wines. The wines of Angelo D’Uva are the honest forthright expression of the land. Angelo chooses a soft vinification, harvests by hand, and selects only the best grapes.  Fermentation in small stainless-steel tanks or oak barrels guarantees the perfect extraction of color and the preservation of grape shades and aromas to obtain an elegant wine, which is well-balanced and exhibits soft tannins.


  • 2016 Tintilia del Molise DOC – 6 pack

Agricola Cornarea

Established 1974 when our father Piero, bought the CornareaHill, in Canale, located in the heart of Roero. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Langhe and Monferrato. His goal was simple but ambitious; to replant Arneis, an autochthonous white grape of ancient origins, which had by that time almost completely disappeared. Only a few rows were to be found within the Nebbiolo grape vineyards.

From 1975 to 1978 Piero, assisted by our mother Francesca, proceeded to plant 15 hectares of vineyards; 12 with Arneis and 3 with Nebbiolo.

Today,Cornarea produces Roero Arneis, Roero, Nebbiolo d’Alba and Barberawines.


  • 2018 Roero Arneis DOCG – 6 pack

Cantine La Vite

Established in 1970, Cantine La Vite is located near the town of Riesi in south central Sicily.  The elevation of the vineyards is between 250m – 350m above sea level, thereby allowing the vineyards to cool down at night and to produce wines that have good acidity and minerality.  Although Cantine La Vite is the largest producer of Nero d’Avola grapes in Sicily, their attention to detail in all aspects of the production process results in wines that are modern in style, yet honour their rich heritage.


  • 2019 RedaliInsolia IGT – 12 pack
  • 2019 Rialdo Rosso IGT (Nero d’Avola) – 12 pack
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